BigCase`s goal

  We aim to provide the irresistible products for people who love their individuality and want their gadgets to stand out from the masses, and get inspired while they are on your hands                                               

        BigCase`s Passion

 We are sure your iPhone or iPad is not only just a phone or an e-reader,but also a fashion symbol.Just dress your device with any fanshionable case from BigCase.

        What makes you buy from BigCase

  •  We are tech enthusiasts also
  •  Reliability with Confidence
  •   High Security
  • Value added services

 In this century, the mobile genuine leather iphone cases handsets become more as well as intelligence. This view is very appropriate to apple iphone as it has 6 sensors, including 1 gyroscope sensor, three-axis accelerometer sensors, 1 proximity sensor and 1 ambient light sensor. The iPhone 4 built-in gyroscopic sensor will enhance its perception of how it is moved and may on 6 axes the luxury unique iphone cases sensation phenomenon. To the user, To the user, this meant it will benefit cooler game and application. At the moment it will be very difficult to talk clearly on the exploiter to that sensor but it is a very innovation technology birth.

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